Having the opportunity to work with a company who truly understands the importance of having a healthy personnel is amazing. Today we started a collaboration with FG Nordic. We are going to work out together, cook together as well as give lectures on different topics regarding health. In addition, the employees will have the opportunity to start a Vetenskapshälsoresa in order to reach their individual health goals.

Having healthy personnel who are energetic and feel well is a huge win for any company. Personnel on sick leave or who do not have the energy to fulfill their tasks is a big expense. Working with preventative measures by giving the employees the chance to work out and to learn about healthy eating habits during work hours can make the difference between profits and losses.


As soon as we arrived at FG Nordic we noticed that the CEO Magdalena Rozmiarek is very passionate about the personnels well being. During our lecture today a healthy lunch was offered instead of junk food, which usually is very rich in empty calories (such as baguettes and creamy pasta sallads). It is often the little things that make a big difference. Allowing the employees to work out during work hours is also an important step towards a healthy personnel.


In the future, we hope that many other companies will follow in FG Nordic’s footsteps and offer their employees the same opportunities.


Happy and proud, we are ready to enjoy the weekend!

Sara and Louise